105th ODST Battalion
Unit Background

Assault, Support, Infiltration

Unit Motto

"Feet first into hell!"

Subordinate Units


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Background Edit

The 105th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Battalion is an elite ODST battalion that participates in roles such as assault, support and infiltration. They have fought in numerous battles against the Insurrection and the Covenant, often returning with little to no casualties. Despite the low rank of the majority of ODSTs, they are still some of the best to ever fight in the UNSC.

Delta Squad was originally formed three years into the Battle of Harvest, after Covenant forces began winning almost every battle. It was a plan by HighCOM to train the most promising of soldiers to become the best of the best; an almost unbeatable group of men and women. The 105th fought in numerous battles on Harvest with the majority of them ending in success. They were the most effective force the UNSC had to offer, until those geniuses came up with the Spartan-II project.

Subordinate Units Edit

Alpha Edit

As of October 4th 2535 (approximately when UNSC forces had escaped the now Covenant-controlled moon of Tide), Alpha is made up of seven permanent individuals. Four in Fireteam Alpha and three in Sniperteam Alpha. 

Fireteam Alpha Edit

Fireteam Alpha is a small four-man fireteam led by Staff Sergeant Jak Brown. The other individuals include Corporal Nathan Kyvers ("an invaluable part of [Alpha]"), Sam Matthews and Tyler Denton. Sam Matthews and Tyler Denton replaced Ashton Croft and Douglas Rastlon, who are now listed as MISSING IN ACTION.

Sniperteam Alpha Edit

Sniperteam Alpha is a three-man sniperteam composed of two snipers and a spotter. Artemis " Draco " Jones, despite ranking as a private, is a perfect match for his job and able to snipe targets with unyeilding accuracy. Katherine Wilson and James Walker, sniper and spotter respectively, are the original members of the sniperteam, and are also very deadly. Fortunately, Sniperteam Alpha has so far not recorded any casualties.

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